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interactive Multi-Interventional Tools

The iMIT Program, executed by a community of Dutch Universities, university medical centers, and companies, aims to develop instruments for minimally invasive interventions. The program will result in the development of interactive Multi-Interventional Tools (iMIT)  that can adapt to their environment and integrate diagnostic and therapeutic functionalities, thus permitting effective single-procedure interventions. Tailored, slender and multi-steerable instruments will be designed with adaptable mechanical properties, that transmit diagnostic information of a large variety of tissue properties (oxygenation, stiffness, etc) and which are able to perform local treatment. The broad applicability of the iMIT approach will be demonstrated with the development of advanced needles and catheters for currently challenging oncological and cardiovascular procedures, enabling improved diagnostic accuracy, treatment success and safety in clinical procedures.

The program will bring together technical and medical specialists from different fields and application domains. The 15 participating companies will ensure that the developed solutions will be embedded in the health care setting.